Ever since arriving in the Canada Water, Rotherhithe, and Surrey Docks area, it’s been our ambition to learn all we can about the local area and to build a long-lasting relationship with the community that has warmly welcomed us.

In addition to engaging with the local community on our development plans, we have also looked for opportunities to support health, employment and nature in the local community through investment in initiatives with both long and short-term benefits. We are pleased to have supported a variety of local groups so far, and seeing the positive impact that our engagement and investment has made.

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About Canada Water Dockside

A south London neighbourhood area rich with history, a network of green spaces, expanses of water, and close-knit communities will have a new commercial heart: Canada Water Dockside.

Our development will be a transformation that improves the area for all its visitors.  As well as delivering the highest-quality workspace for 10,000 people, Dockside will bring new restaurants, bars, a community health hub and affordable offices for small businesses. Remarkable, environmentally-considerate buildings surrounded by Pocket parks, play space and planting will change Dockside from grey to green.


The Local Area

Canada Water Dockside is the 4.5-acre site split in two by Surrey Quays Road. Both parts currently contain under-utilised car parking and warehouse buildings.

Our site neighbours, but is not part of, British Land’s Canada Water Masterplan. We are working closely with British Land and Southwark Council to have a joint approach on key priorities for residents. These include maintenance, crime and landscaping.


By regularly engaging with the community, we are able to better understand the needs and aspirations of people in the area and suggest partnerships and investment that will really benefit Canada Water. You can find out more about our ongoing and upcoming engagement here.

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Planning Application Consultation

The approvals of our Outline Planning Application, Reserved Matters Applications and application for the eastern dock edge is a testament to the commitment and support that the community has given us over the last few years.

You can find out more about the Reserved Matters Applications and separate application for the eastern dock edge by clicking the button below:

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I can't find what I'm looking for?

You can view more details of the Reserved Matters Applications and planning application for the Dock Edge on the Planning Application Consultation page. This page also includes resources from the Outline Planning Application. If you have a specific question, then please feel free to get in contact with the project team using the following details:

  • By email: contact@canadawaterdockside.co.uk
  • By telephone: 020 3900 3676
  • By post: KAN0247, Floor 1, 44-48 Paul Street, EC2A 4LB
  • By Contact Form on the website
What is next for Canada Water Dockside?

Our four Reserved Matters Applications and separate planning application for the Canada Dock eastern dock edge have been approved by Southwark Council. To view these applications, visit our Consultation tab where you can find the details.

How can I get involved?

We are always keen to hear from residents and groups in the Canada Water, Rotherhithe, and Surrey Docks communities. There will be plenty of further opportunities to get involved with activities in the local area.

In the upcoming months, we hope to host events face-to-face and on-site, and will always follow the latest Government guidance regarding Covid-19 to ensure the safety of all participants.

The best way to keep updated about future events would be to join our mailing list via the footer of this website or Contact Us 

When do you start building?

We started on-site investigation works, such as test borehole drilling, in Spring 2022. It is our target to begin full construction in 2023 and to complete the entire scheme by 2026/27.

By utilising a programme of exciting meanwhile uses and engaging consultation on the Reserved Matters Applications, at no point will the whole of Canada Water Dockside be considered a construction site or without an open door.

We will continue to engage with the community face-to-face and on-site where possible, plus introduce and maintain popular meanwhile uses at Canada Water Dockside such as the Construction Skills Centre and Titanic the Exhibition in London.

What is an Outline Planning Application?

Due to the scale of the site, our initial planning application will be submitted in ‘outline’ with each phase later detailed through a series of subsequent applications.

It is normal for a site of this size to submit an outline application first as it provides more opportunity for the design team to develop their proposals.

The purpose of an Outline Planning Application is to establish the principles of development and to set guidelines to control future development. The Outline Planning Application will be supported by a series of plans known as ‘Parameter Plans’ which set future design standards and controls such as:

  • The range of uses
  • Areas which can be built upon
  • Areas protected for public space
  • Key routes and connections through the site
  • Maximum building heights

This approach will allow the masterplan to adapt to the changing demands of the new town centre.

What is a Reserved Matters Application?

Following the approval of the Outline Planning Application for Canada Water Dockside in March 2022, we will now consult with local residents on details that will be submitted as ‘Reserved Matters’ planning applications.

Whereas outline planning applications set the guidelines and parameters for development, reserved matters applications will provide details such as appearance, access, landscaping, layout, and design. The reserved matters application must be in line with the outline planning permission and we will continue to seek feedback from residents on the next stages of the plans.

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