Provide your thoughts on the RMAs and Eastern Dock Edge

It is important that local residents provide feedback on the RMAs and Canada Dock eastern dock edge proposals to Southwark Council, prior to their determinations by Southwark’s Planning Committee.

The applications can be viewed on Southwark’s planning portal and their planning reference numbers are:

  • Canada Dock eastern dock edge: 23/AP/0798
  • A1 public realm and building design: 23/AP/0562
  • A2 public realm and building design: 23/AP/0564
  • A1 and A2 shared basement: 23/AP/0565
  • Maritime Street public realm design: 23/AP/0566

Our Public Consultations

We are pleased to have received high levels of engagement and positive responses throughout all of our stages of consultation, from our first round for the RMAs in July 2022 and second round in October 2022. In January 2023 we held our third consultation stage, with hosted three public events at Decathlon Surrey Quays where the local community were able to view our updated proposals for the RMAs and Canada Dock eastern dock edge and provide their input.

You can still view our exhibition boards and models on the first floor of Decathlon Surrey Quays, next to the Alternatively, view our exhibition boards here:

Exhibition Boards

What is an Outline Application

The Outline Planning Application for Canada Water Dockside determined at Southwark’s planning committee in March 2022 was supported by a series of plans known as ‘Parameter Plans’, a Development Specification, and a Design Code: these set the future design standards and control what can and can’t be done, such as:

The range of uses

Areas which can be built upon

Areas protected for public space

Key routes and connections through the site

Maximum building heights

What is a Reserved Matters Application

Following the approval of the Outline Planning Application, further detail will be submitted as a series of ‘Reserved Matters’ applications.

Whereas outline planning applications approve the principle of development and set the guidelines and parameters, ‘reserved matters’ applications will provide details such as appearance, access, landscaping, layout, and design. The reserved matters application will be in line with the outline planning permission, and we will continue to seek feedback from residents on the next stages of the plans.

Find a link to the full Approved Planning Application below.

Read it here

Planning Applications Document Downloads

You can also find these under the following planning application reference numbers on Southwark Council’s Online Planning Register via the link here. These are also available in Canada Water library should you wish to view a hard copy.

Outline planning application: 21/AP/2655

A1 public realm and building design: 23/AP/0562

A2 public realm and building design: 23/AP/0564

A1 and A2 Basement: 23/AP/0565

Maritime Street: 23/AP/0566

Canada Dock eastern dock edge: 23/AP/0798

Read this to get a detailed view of the outline proposals:
This for the details of A1 public realm and building design:
This for A2 public realm and building design details:
This for the public realm, including Maritime Street:
This for the details for the Canada Dock eastern dock edge:
This to understand the consultation and positive local response:
This for the positive consultation of the RMAs and eastern dock edge:
This to find out how the scheme fits in with existing roads and stations across the Peninsula:
And this to see evidence supporting the need for a new type of office post-Covid:

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