Proposed view from Canada Water Dock


A good majority of residents have a positive first impression of the design

Most believe our scheme is better than the 2013 application

Residents believe the scheme will help realise the vision for a new and vibrant town centre

There is a consensus that the priorities for residents listed by the project team are correct

Respondents look forward to the outline planning application submission or support the vision with minor amendments


Due to government advice regarding COVID-19, our consultation to date has taken place online, by post, through video-conference sessions, and face-to-face where possible.

Activities undertaken as part of the consultation process since November 2020 include:

4 x Virtual Consultations

68 x Key Stakeholders contacted

65 x Key Stakeholder meetings held

2 x Public Webinar Consultation Sessions

51,000 x Newsletters distributed to the local area

4 x E-Newsletters issued to subscribers

Pop-up at Canada Water Dockside in June 2021


The local community has thoroughly engaged with the pre-application process at every stage, totalling:

6,400 Website Views

700 Online feedback forms submitted

70 Postal feedback forms submitted

3,600 Social media click-throughs to the website

360 E-Newsletter subscribers kept regularly

Local residents have provided very positive feedback on the proposals at each stage of the pre-application consultation. This included four stages of consultation comprising the introduction in January 2021, Our Vision in February, Ground Floor Vision in April, and the Design Vision in June.

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