The accelerating climate and biodiversity crises demand that our new buildings are designed to operate at peak efficiency, using smart systems, openable windows and passive functionality. The buildings at Dockside will contribute positively to their urban environment through greening and provision for ecological needs.

Image ref: Die Macherei, Munich

What do we mean by 'sustainable' development?

  • Economy – Long-term economic success based on fairness, transparency and responsibility
  • Environment – Thinking and acting to protect the climate to reduce and compensate for negative impacts
  • Community – Being responsible to the community and always taking its needs and expectations into consideration
  • Social – Acting responsibly and respectfully to all involved stakeholders

How do we achieve it?

  • By creating robust economic, social and environmental strategies
  • By bringing innovative solutions for resource conservation and carbon reduction
  • By engaging with stakeholders on an equal footing

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